Super Bihun cap Atom Bulan

Super Bihun is the first instant rice noodle product in Indonesia which was launched by PT Kuala Pangan in 1974.
This product consists of 3 variants: Super Bihun Kuah (Original Rice Noodle Soup), Super Bihun Goreng (Original Fried Rice Noodle), and Super Bihun Kuah Rasa Baso Sapi (Meatball Favor Rice Noodie Soup).

Mie Telur asli cap Atoom Bulan

Mie Telor Asli Cap Atoom Bulan is PT Kuala Pangan’s flagship product which was launched in 1972 and is a pioneer of dried noodle product in Indonesia. Our products are widely used in Indonesia, from home families to hotels and restaurants. Our products have entered the international market and are used in many Asian and European countries.

Bumbu Masak cap Atoom Bulan

Bumbu Masak Cap Atoom Bulan was launched by PT Kuala Pangan in 1976. This seasoning product is a complete all in one seasoning which brings out unique flavours from Indonesia.